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ChCh designer wins NZ bathroom of the Year (press release) - New Zealand
Boutique Christchurch designer Indesign has won the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) NKBA bathroom of the Year award to take its haul of ...
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This man is on fire: Gareth Pugh - Britain's newest star designer
Independent - London,England,UK
She told me that when Gareth was at art college doing his foundation, he used to make her lie naked on the kitchen table so that he could do moulds of her. ...
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Cookbook makes it easy to be gluten-free
Houston Chronicle - United States
Cinquepalmi includes a glossary of grains, recipes for basic flour mixes and other kitchen tips in her cookbook to help make the transition as smooth and ...
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Blogs Alert for: Designer kitchen

By Arch Update
Dine in elegance with this ground breaking designer dining table. This dining table will set any diningroom interior on fire with its crafty design sense. Designed with mahogany and silver finishes this Dining Room Table will bring ...
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Nojae Park’s Kitchen Drawer For Electrolux Is Functional
By Vlad
Nojae Park
has designed the Kitchen Drawer for electrolux, which aims at making optimum utilization of the space available. This Kitchen drawer is designed in such a way that it makes use of the little space available in your kitchen ...
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Adel White kitchen in HGTV Designer's House
By yankeelawyer
Article on Angelo Surmelis' IKEA kitchen makeover: HGTV's Angelo Surmelis renovates kitchen in Echo Park home - Los Angeles Times Slide Show: Angelo Surmelis' Kitchen Remodel - Los Angeles Times.

Eco Cabinets- Sticker Shock!
By Cathy
(Chomp, Chomp) Frank gave some good ideas on kitchen design (Pop, Pop), but it appeared that once he found out I was not going to have him do the installation and the countertops,(Snap, Snap) he was not interested in helping me, ...
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portable Kitchen
By lilaliss(lilaliss)
One of the top entrants in this year's Electrolux design contest is the Kitchen Drawer. Designed for the internet generation - you know the type, always connected, always mobile, and most likely living in urban areas where space is a ...


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