Designer kitchen

Kitchen island has become the hub of the home
Chicago Tribune - United States
The island's functional design has even migrated to outdoor kitchens. But the kitchen island wasn't always on the map, especially in homes built prior to ...
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Waikato Times

Kitchen designer focuses on quality
Waikato Times - Wellington,Wellington,New Zealand
Waikato kitchen designer of the year Robin Caudwell says his success comes from concentrating on a niche market. Mr Caudwell, the managing director of ...
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Design firm fashions Fifth Ward showroom - Milwaukee,USA
As a Certified Master Kitchen Designer, the highest level of design excellence in the industry, he's up to it. Only 120 Masters exist in country, ...
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Green Kitchen Design Seminar
By (Chapter Member)
Green Kitchen Design entails using materials and methods that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment while preserving the important performance characteristics of the products. Please join our two experts on kitchen ...
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Communicating with Your Kitchen Designer
By intactinfo(intactinfo)
You may have the perfect idea of what your dream kitchen will look like. You know all the details, colors, materials, etc. But how do you successfully turn your ideas in to reality? That is the challenge in client-designer communication ...

Glass Cabinet Knobs For Kitchen Cabinet Elegance
By admin
You should have no problem matching your kitchen design and your personality to the right knob, where older glass knobs were made of amber or clear glass, today glass cabinet knobs are available in an endless variety of colors. ...
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Tips Selling,Going, Or Staying Green
By Administrator
Finding: Eighty-two percent of home sellers said kitchen design is very or extremely important to their purchase decision. Tip: According to LaPorta, the kitchen is the most used, equipment-heavy and expensive-to-renovate room in the ...
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Dapur kotor|Dapur Bersih
By cookaloca
The clean kitchen aka Western kitchen aka dry kitchen, on the other hand, consists of more expensive (or designer) cooking appliances which ironically are hardly used; it is mostly reined by the lady of the house who hardly gets her ...


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