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AME Info (press release)

Fashion icon Ferragamo to design exclusive Pentominium penthouses ...
AME Info (press release) - United Arab Emirates
... a separate family lounge, large formal living-dining area with spacious terraces, designer kitchen with built-in appliances and a separate maid's room. ...
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Designer fire extinguishers for your designer kitchen
By xorsyst
When most people think of fixing up their kitchen, and getting the latest new kitchen appliances, one faithful must have in your kitchen gets overlooked… your fire extinguisher. Don’t despair. Bicycle maker Miyata Industries has you ... | Anime, Manga, Japanese... -

9 Design Lab '08 Finalists: Brilliant Kitchen Appliances For The ...
By Atique(Atique)
The Design Lab 2008 competition started back in February when entries were invited. Specific instructions called for designers to focus on a future kitchen (2 to 3 years out) for the IGeneration concerns: "mobility, convenience, time, ...
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Sink Stink
By dhezza24
My aunt want us to buy a designer Kitchen sinks, But we doesn’t have enough money to buy one. And we are just renting our house, so why do we need to buy one? I admit that I really want to have a designer kitchen sink, but do we really ...
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$$$$ Affordable Planning and Design $$$
With over 10 years experience in designing projects, from Multi Million Dollar Homes, to simple additions, Decks & Kitchens, Bearcreek Design can help. What sets Bearcreek Design apart, is our exceptionally personalized and unique ...
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Petites Bouchees Reloaded ... (plus a book giveaway)
By Veron
... I got to know fellow Daring Baker, Sketchy of Sketchy’s Kitchen and his wife Jen. They asked me how the business was going and I said I was looking for a web-designer who could overhaul my site and make it ecommerce-enabled. ...
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