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Miu Miu: An apron for a new age
International Herald Tribune - France
They mixed matte and shiny fabrics, with the first outfits in rough Hessian material, artistically torn as if the designer were looking at traditional ...
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Kitchen solutions from Richard Edic
By Paul Anater(Paul Anater)
Richard Edic has been a Rochester-based kitchen designer for 30 years and along with his brother Martin, wrote Kitchens That Work: The Practical Guide to Creating a Great Kitchen. Their book was published by my heroes at Taunton Press, ...
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Romantic Kitchens
By Susan Serra, CKD
Let's talk about romantic kitchens, ok? Picture yourself in a cottage, set way back from the winding road. The house sits on a hill. The cottage garden is seen from the kitchen window and the vegetable garden is just beyond that. ...
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Kitchen design - your best and worst experiences
Our designer has little hidden pegs that make the dividers slip out and are customizable. The separate ones, which we had before, always rattled around in the drawer and were never the right size for the configuration of utensils that ...
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The kitchen sink post from BNA
By M.A.H.(M.A.H.)
floral designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, or involved in one of the other arts that are service-oriented, I would qualify. Apparently I am not a member of the creative class afterall. Bummer. Difficulty level: 3. Food review: ...
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Designer Breakfast Wares Turn Your Morning Routine Into a Game ...
Designer Ivo Vos has assembled in “The Brunch” a routine-ruining set of kitchen accessories. It really reminds you to never take anything for granted, if you take “anything” to mean “toast” and “coffee.” We’ve seen a projectile toaster ...
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